Dr . R . RAMACHANDRA  B.Tech,M.Tech,Ph.D


DR.R.Ramachandra B.Tech.,M.Tech.,Ph.D.,is a very dynamic enthusiastic and committed towards qualitative and quantitative education.Bestowed with a pleasing personalty and has been working relentlessly for the upliftment of the college since its inception.A strict disciplinarlan and a great visionary.


It gives me ummence pleasure to share a vision of excellence to educate and enlighten students is an exclusive and only institate providing quality education.Our mission is to ignite the latent thoughts and propel them to explore and learn with innovating attitudes.
     We provide ideal setting of high quality programs in the field of engineering,technology,Management etc.The college of progressing under personal guidance of directors and qualified faculity team in academic frateinity
      Insightful information orientation programmes.Variety of events are frequently organised to facilitate students acclimatization in the academic environment.I whole heartedly shoulder the responsibility of shaping the intellect character of every student because I believe that these students develop a humanized and harmonic society,and the nation as a whole.

                                                        All the BEST